Portrait of the trio Polyenso against a white background.


Polyenso’s music is rooted in an intangible balance. Creating the band’s genre-defying sound requires a keen ability to recognize and capture the spark that comes from combining disparate elements, and over the course of two LPs (2013’s One Big Particular Loop, and 2016’s Pure In The Plastic), they’ve managed to walk a fine line between boundless experimentation and unabashed pop hooks. Now on their new EP, Year Of The Dog, Polyenso looks for that balance in increasingly unstable times.

The St. Petersburg, Florida-based three piece — vocalist/keyboardist Brennan Taulbee, multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Alex Schultz, and drummer Denny Agosto — started playing together almost 10 years ago in earlier projects that would evolve into Polyenso. This willingness to learn, explore, and adapt is essential to the band’s sound: a detailed blend of styles that incorporates organic instrumentation, glitchy electronics, hip hop beats, lush synths, and more—often all within the same song. Schultz elaborates, “Every time we set out to create a song it has to be something that feels true to ourselves. It can’t lean too far towards our experimental side, or too far towards our more pop structured side. It’s about trying to find what’s genuine for us.”