Music Department

The only music company that includes a unique music department that directly services film, TV, commercial and video game producers giving our music the inside track for synch licensing, soundtracks, composer work, etc. We provide a turnkey music solution for any filmed content.

We Are Your Music Solution

Our global team rivals studio music departments. We can independently oversee and strategize ways to work within budgets, offer options for creatives, suggest ways to monetize music in any media, and maximize marketing efforts around any projects.

  • Supervisors

    Our award winning music supervision team is comprised of veteran music supervisor professionals and support staff based in Los Angeles, London and Toronto. We service film, television and commercial/brand projects. Notable works include: My Little Pony, Come From Away,  and Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris, Golda and brands Google, Discover, Apple. In 2022, the department was nominated for 9 Guild of Music Supervisor Awards.

  • Composers

    Together with partnering with composer agencies, MNRK represents composers who have worked on award winning films, tv shows, animation, video games, trailers, theatrical productions, commercials, etc. They’ve even provided score for brand pneumonics, logos, toys, games.

  • Synch

    Our Global Synch team pitches music to any and all projects, we’ve done over 43,000 synch licenses last year and boast a catalog of over 400,000 master recordings from our combined label, publishing, management, and production library. We have every genre imaginable and are able to license or create bespoke material for use in any project.

  • Publishing & Master Administration

    Publishing Admin: MNRK is one of the only independent music publishers with direct administration in over 25 countries with offices in 15 major cities globally.

    Master Admin: MNRK is one of the largest independent music distributors, where we self distribute worldwide, and have lasting relationships with all DSPs (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, etc).

  • Music Library & Talent Relations

    Music Library: MNRK partners with Audio Network, a world-renowned production music library featuring orchestral scores (almost all recorded at Abbey Road), singer-song-writer, hip hop and every genre in between.

    Talent Relations: Our team has years of combined experience in the music industry to provide the best choices for any opportunity in synch, brands, scoring, etc.

  • Soundtracks

    MNRK SNDTRX distributes soundtracks globally via all DSPs, as well as physical releases in CD form and Vinyl. We’ve worked directly with film producers, TV shows, family properties. Recently, we packaged and released music for Emmy Award Nominee, Sharp Objects,  BAFTA Nominated film, Stan & Ollie, and mega-selling children’s properties Peppa Pig, PJ Masks and My Little Pony.

Our Team