Aportrait of The Bloody Beetroots standing with a mic against a white background.

The Bloody Beetroots

Producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, mastermind of the Bloody Beetroots was inspired by a lifelong love of comic books and punk rock. The visceral sound of Bloody Beetroots has featured prominently in TV shows and video games, and powered dozens of remixes, for artists including Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, The Refused, Peaches, and Britney Spears. The Bloody Beetroots discography features a string of successful EPs—including collaborations with Sir Paul McCartney, Perry Farrell,and guitar legend Peter Frampton—and two full length albums (2009’s Roborama and 2013’s Hide). Parties and festivals around the world have thrilled to different incarnations of the Bloody Beetroots’ incendiary live show. As he celebrates the tenth anniversary of Bloody Beetroots with a reinvigorated attitude and his best music yet, he’s quick to reiterate that this is only the latest chapter in a story that’s still unfolding. “As long as I’m vertical, I’ve got to keep evolving.”