RZA and DJ Scratch Release New Album ‘Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater’

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(March 4, 2022) Hip Hop icons RZA and DJ Scratch bring listeners on a cinematic and nostalgic journey with the release of their new album, Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater, today via 36 Chambers ALC/MNRK Music Group.

Executive produced by multi-platinum and GRAMMY-winning producer DJ Scratch, the seven-track album is a callback to when albums were thematically crafted like a good book and sequencing meant something, and it is intentional from start to finish. It is a tribute to those Saturday afternoons when kung fu movies aired on local tv channels, inspiring fantasy and imagination for a legion of young people. To launch the single, website BobbyDigital.com has been created as the first in a series of immersive online pieces where fans can explore and interact with content. Check it out here: BobbyDigital.com

Despite being the sound of Wu-Tang since its inception, RZA took a step back and gave Scratch the space and autonomy to create music. Scratch was inspired by the history and the sound of Wu Tang and created tracks that he believed the core fan base would love.  Likewise, Scratch “let him do his thing,” and by putting egos aside, each focused on their part to create something that would meet the bar of their respective catalogs.

Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater offers inspiration, wisdom, and fun as RZA spars with Bobby Digital, his more aggressive alter-ego, trading lyrical punches over classic ’90s boombap production. RZA conceived the album during the early months of quarantine, and the end result is a vivid, audio odyssey in which he modulates between personas and emotions, capturing the bipolar tendencies of the human mind.

1. Intro
2. Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater
3. Pugilism
4. Never Love Again
5. Fate of the World
6. Fisherman
7. Kaiju

Go to BobbyDigital.com to stream/get “Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater,” stream videos, purchase merchandise and even try RZA’s unique Instagram filter inspired by the SAKFT artwork.

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