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“One of Powfu’s most affecting tracks, ‘soda stream sky,’ is a gorgeous rap-sung collaboration with a fellow Mission musician, KNOWN. (Cody Lawless), that offers up poetic bars about moving past anger”

“KNOWN. (Cody Lawless) newest release is a melodic heart-wrencher. It has a certain gentle energy that will leave you coming back for a million listens.”
Early Rising

“His performance is smooth and engaging, as he showcases his sharp songwriting skills, piecing together mesmerizing melodies with ease.”

Mission, BC-based indie-pop/rock artist Cody Lawless (Cody James Henn, fka KNOWN.) shares “Get There Stay There.” Lawless recently announced his signing to MNRK Music Group as this reincarnation of himself as an artist, trading in rap for dreamy falsetto and upbeat jangly guitars. “Get There Stay There” is an upbeat summery song that kicks you up to your feet. Listen/Watch “Get There Stay There” HERE.

“Get There Stay There” is just a little brutal. It was written about the guilt of leaving a relationship that wasn’t right, and while that’s the right thing to do, it still hurts on both ends. That snare that hits a little too hard is there to remind you of those pangs of indecision you get when you’re caught at the end of a relationship. Paired with the dreamy backing vocals, roundness of the driving bassline, and undeniable catchiness in the rhythm of the chorus, you can see all of Cody’s influences coming together; his past in hip hop shines through the floorboards of the indie-pop that comes to be in the studio. Then, you can toss in a little taste of what gets played in the car on the way to lay it all down… maybe the emotional intensity leftover form some metal blasted through the speakers.

The video for “Get There Stay There,” self-directed by Cody Lawless in collaboration with Nicky Films, captures the effervescence of the track through glowing nighttime scenery that will give you the urge to aimlessly drive down the highway while blasting Lawless’ latest.

Of the track, Lawless says, “Get There Stay There is a song I wrote as a letter to myself. I was in a relationship I didn’t want to be in anymore and felt guilty leaving, I grew resentful. This song is me talking to me convincing myself to follow my own heart. The bridge in the song where I repeat to myself ‘I’m not falling for you’ is me in denial about wanting to explore other options in life. Falling for the idea of being alone, falling for other people or things that would take my attention away. Falling for lust and the attention I received from others.” 

Drawing inspiration from indie contemporaries like Mark Foster (Foster the People), Sam Glick (Plums & Test Subjects), and Ben Reed (Skegss), Cody has crafted these influences into his own unique vocal style and production with long-time engineer/producer KULTARGOTBOUNCE. After a successful stint touring across North America at the age 18 (as KNOWN.) and releasing his debut rap project Paradise Park at the age of 20, Cody Lawless is transitioning from his previous sound to one that embraces his authentic self. Crediting psychedelics to his rebirth, he says, “Whether I was affected in a good way or a bad way, I’ve changed. My brain has changed, my taste has changed. I feel connected to myself. Music is now truly my outlet.” 

Now, he often collaborates with Powfu (“Meant To Be,” “Survivor,” “Soda Stream Sky,” “Latency”) and frequents Spotify Editorial playlists; garnering over 30 million streams, as well as praise from Billboard, Early Rising, EARMILK, and more. Quickly making a name for himself as a talented performer and songwriter, Cody Lawless is a versatile artist that is paving his own way across genres. The rebirth as Cody Lawless was quite literally a force of nature.

“Get There Stay There” by Cody Lawless is out now,
buy/stream it here.

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