Introducing: GANGS OF KIN Mass Confusion

Photo credit: Elizaveta Porodina

Today, GANGS OF KIN share anthemic fresh cut ‘Mass Confusion’ Listen HERE

Coming as an injection of infectious genre-bending delight, Mass Confusion is an instantly captivating new offering from GANGS OF KIN (Joël Gaerthé)

The groove-laden track reflects on the overwhelming world we all inhabit today. Taking a step back to cement the power of change and possibility, Gaerthé explained; I wrote Mass confusion when I started realising that due to ALL the information and miss-information we have access to these days, it’s hard to form an actual opinion on a topical subject. People say SO much.. say enough and you’ll find something to agree with on all sides. 

My conclusion is: Stop waiting. Change doesn’t come. Change is achieved.

GANGS OF KIN is the project of Amsterdam based artist, songwriter and producer Joël Gaerthé. Destined for a musical path, he began performing by the tender age of 16. 

While he was still fleshing out his path in life, it was clear that music would be at the core of his world indefinitely. Cutting his teeth initially as a pianist, he evolved continuously discovering his own soulful rasp, a voice that could help give flight to his emotional thoughts and spiritual creations. 

He joined various bands, playing with a number of local collaborators including a stint in The Howlin, which won him some buzz and attention from tastemakers. However, after touring nonstop from 2011 through 2018, he was burnt, and needed a new, different outlook. He wanted something that would allow him to produce beats and songs unapologetically, employing his love for film’s like Miller’s Crossing and Down by Law as well as J Dilla, low-fi beats and a love for Flaming Lips, OutKast, MGMT and Tame Impala. Thus, GANGS OF KIN was born — a collective between his own various styles, all embodied by him – his own band, his own gangs of kin.

Since launching in 2021, it’s become clear that GANGS OF KIN has found his groove, both hypothetically and sonically. Armed with an exceptional flair for making bluesy, future-funk inspired alt-pop, Gaerthé has claimed global attention with his genre twisting sound and unmistakable vocal talent. With a healthy looking Spotify account sitting at just under 5 million streams and already support from the likes of Clash, Flaunt and Early Rising. Not to mention a string of wins in the world of sync (Behind her Eyes (Netflix), Boarders (Documentary) & Do I Even Wanna Know (Amazon), GANGS OF KIN makes music created to be heard.

Sat on a wealth of boundary pushing singles, Gangs of Kin is your artist to watch this year.


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