March 10, 2023 – Singer, songwriter, & viral content creator Adanna Duru releases her debut EP, NAPPY HOUR, today.  It’s not just a collection of music, it’s It is an introduction to the artist. On “Boogie,” “Babies,” and “Stay In,” Adanna brings in a distinct R&B sound that is reminiscent of the emotion and music she loved as a child. Whereas “Pop,” and “Write on Me” are true to the form and structure of Afrobeats. It is here where Adanna is as upbeat and playful as the rhythm and tempo. NAPPY HOUR is a fun, passionate, and harmonic offering. NAPPY HOUR is a first look at Adanna Duru.

Adanna says, “NAPPY HOUR is my celebration of everything I am. My kinky hair texture, my Igbo nose, my dark skin. I chose this title to uplift black women. We are taught to hide and be ashamed of our beautiful natural hair. We are even taught that NAPPY is an insult, and it’s shitty.”

About Adanna Duru:

Feeling beautiful as a person is important.

Before reaching over a million followers on Tik Tok for her personality, before being chosen to be on Adam Levine’s team on The Voice for her performance, before millions viewed her among the Top 10 on American Idol, both taking place as a teenager, Adanna Duru recognized the beauty in her voice before she could read.

Raised in Orange County, California, Adanna remembers the struggle of identity and not feeling confident outside of her ability to sing simply because she was the only Nigerian girl. Whether it was the curiosity of her classmates about her skin complexion, the need to touch her hair or the wonder on their faces about dark lines on the palms of her hands, Adanna was made to feel outside of the norm.

Unbeknownst to her at the time, by name alone, she was commanding a difference. To correct the mispronunciation of her name was the first iteration of her confidence.   To not see herself, yet identify with Hannah Montana and the Cheetah Girls as a child and make the decision to become a singer is another.  To have the support of her Nigerian mother as a preteen to chase her dreams rather than force her to pursue a traditional idea of success is powerful.  And because of her belief in her talent and the spaces it has taken her, Adanna has moved beyond the limited perceptions of others to champion the depth of who she is as an artist.

On the NAPPY HOUR EP, Adanna Duru showcases her vocal talent, musical influences, rich heritage, and confidence in the content of her character.

On “Boogie,” “Babies,” “Stay In,” and “The Way” there is a distinct R&B sound that is reminiscent of the emotion and music she loved as a child. Although the vibe is in the pocket of her contemporaries in the genre, the power and clarity in her tone is reminiscent of her vocal idols, Brandy, and Beyonce. Whereas on “Pop,” “Write on Me,” “3,” and “Hands Off” these songs are true to form and structure of Afrobeats. It is here where Adanna is as upbeat and playful as the rhythm and tempo. Her connection to the sound harkens back to earlier projects from Flavour and Magic System that she heard in her home. Now, Adanna gets to contribute to a sound that can serve as the next generation’s muse.

Accentuating her growth as an artist–beyond the content she provides on social media– Adanna’s vocal presence is as captivating as her vibrant personality. Each song is an homage to her musical influences and shows the range of her strengths as a singer and her awareness of how she wants music to make her feel.  As a self-proclaimed R&B Afrobeat Pop artist this definition of her sound is a testament to her dynamic character and recognition of all that she represents…for herself.

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